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Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs

Hotel Colorado

Staff writer The Hotel Colorado, a national historic landmark, opened in 1893, catering to the rich and famous. The six-story building was made of local cream-colored brick and pinkish peachblow sandstone and designed to be a replica of the Villa de Medici in Rome. The hotel, which sits on a hill above the hot springs, was built at a cost of $850,000 by silver baron and banker Walter Devereaux. The…

National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder

NCAR | National Center for Atmospheric Research

Staff writer The National Center for Atmospheric Research, or NCAR, is a research organization that seeks to understand the behavior of the atmosphere and other related systems. NCAR’s building sits on NCAR Mesa at 6,184 feet in elevation, or 754 feet above the city of Boulder. The building was designed by architect I.M. Pei, who drew the dark, reddish-brown color of the nearby flatiron formation into the concrete towers and…

Georgetown Maxwell House

Georgetown-Silverplume National Historic District

Staff writer The historic buildings in Georgetown and neighboring Silver Plume were designated the Georgetown-Silver Plume National Historic District by the National Park Service, which regarded the Victorian buildings as so well-preserved that they “are reminiscent of a bygone era.” Georgetown was described as “unique among Colorado’s mining towns” because the wealth of the mining district was centered there and the residents sought to reproduce the classic architecture and culture…

Georgetown Loop Railroad

Georgetown Loop Railroad

Staff writer Visitors can step aboard history, literally, on the narrow-gauge Georgetown Loop Railroad. Leaving from either Georgetown or Silver Plume, cars open to the stunning views along the route are pulled by a steam locomotive. The train makes the seven-mile round trip in about an hour and a half. Food and drink, gift shops and restrooms are available in Georgetown and Silver Plume. There are also special evening tours…

Hotel de Paris in Georgetown

Georgetown and Silver Plume history

Staff writer Georgetown Crowded out of the quest for gold at Idaho Springs, prospectors continued up the canyon, where they found little gold but plenty of silver. Two mining communities – Elizabethtown and Georgetown – grew up as neighbors. In 1868, residents of the two communities agreed to unite into one town named Georgetown. Like many mountain towns, Georgetown’s growth was greatly helped when a railroad line connected the town…