Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness

Rattlesnake Canyon arch near Grand Junction
A sandstone arch rises above Rattlesnake Canyon in the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness, which can be reached on trails or from the Colorado River. | Photo by federal Bureau of Land Management


The Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness features canyons up to 1,000 feet deep and up to 12 miles long that contain spires and windows carved out of red sandstone and pinon, juniper, cottonwood and box elder.

Two highlights are the vast alcove in Mee Canyon and the arches in Rattlesnake Canyon. The sandstone canyons and monoliths resemble those in the neighboring Colorado National Monument, while the arches resemble those at Arches National Park to the west and rank second in number only to the park’s arches.

The wilderness is part of the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.

Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness
Southwest of Grand Junction
Directions for access to the wildernes
Mee Canyon Trail
Rattlesnake Arches Trail
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