Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve on Interstate 70

Bison calf west of Denver
A bison calf forages in the Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve about 20 miles west of Denver. You can see the buffalo from Interstate 70 as they explore their pasture. | Photo by Kimberly Brown-Azzarello / flickr.com

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The Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve has a herd of two dozen buffalo in a setting of grass and pines in Denver’s oldest mountain park that can be observed from Interstate 70.

The preserve is in 2,413-acre Genesee Park, which was acquired by the city in 1912 and features stunning views of Colorado’s Front Range. The first buffalo and elk herds were established there in 1914, and the buffalo are descendants of the last wild buffalo herd left in the United States. Denver acquired the bison from the herds at Yellowstone Park, as well as elk, and Genesee Park was important  in reestablishing the two species. Watching the bison herd along I-70 is still a major interest of park visitors

The buffalo overlook is at Exit 254 on I-70 about 20 miles west of Denver.

Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve
Interstate 70 Exit 254
Golden, Colorado 80401
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(720) 865-0900

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