Koshare Indian Kiva and Museum

Koshare eagle dancer from La Junta Colorado
July 6, 2012

Boy Scout Troop 232 of La Junta meets in a unique setting: a kiva and museum that the Scouts themselves built with the support of community groups. Visitors today can stop to enjoy the art reflecting Native American culture, the amazing roof of the 62-year-old kiva and the performances of the Koshare Indian Dancers that are an elite arm of the troop. Troop 232 was formed in 1933 by J.F….


La Junta

Southwest Chief train at La Junta Colorado
May 23, 2012

Staff writer The aptly named La Junta – Spanish for “junction” – stands at a confluence of geology and human endeavor almost 180 miles southeast of Denver. The town nestles against the banks of the Arkansas River as it traces its 1,469-mile path from the Colorado mountains to join the Mississippi River. In the arid eastern plains, the river was a magnet for life, animal and human, for centuries. As…