Children’s Museum of Denver

Children's Museum of Denver
A museum visitor opens a knothole on a tree and finds a mirror inside. | Photo by Anna Warren / flickr

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The Children’s Museum of Denver promotes learning through play for children from newborns to age 8. It serves nearly 300,000 kids, parents and caregivers each year.

The museum offers hands-on exhibits, daily programs and special events. Programs include exploring the arts, learning about plants and animals, performing plays, conducting science experiments and listening to story readings.

The exhibits offer instruction with a magnetic alphabet wall, an assembly plant, soap bubbles, a model train, a fire station, medical and equipment, a bird’s nest, ant hill and tree house and colored chalk.

The museum got its start in 1973 in a converted school bus that toured the Denver area. It moved into a rented building on Bannock Street in 1975 and finally into the current building on the Platte River in 1984. A museum expansion is to be completed in late 2015. New facilities will include a water lab, climbing tower, a teaching kitchen and an outdoor experience.

Children’s Museum of Denver
2121 Children’s Museum Drive
Denver, CO 80211
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(303) 433-7444