Colorado Gators Reptile Park

Colorado Gators Reptile Park near Alamosa
The alligators do well in Mosca despite the cold Colorado winters. | Photo by Tee Poole / flickr

Staff writer

The Colorado Gators Reptile Park – yes, gators, in Colorado! – features more than 400 alligators.

It started as a tilapia farm in 1974, where the African perch were grown as food in warm geothermal waters. In 1987 the owners purchased 100 one-year-old alligators to dispose of fish remains. The facility opened to the public in 1990 and even took in overgrown alligators and other reptiles such as large pythons, tortoises and iguanas.

Gatorfest, on the first weekend in August each year, features roping, riding, and barrel racing.

Colorado Gators
9162 County Road 9 North (17 miles north of Alamosa on Highway 17)
Mosca, CO 81146
(719) 378-2612