Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center

Film at Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center
A panoramic film of Olympic athletes greets visitors at the training center, one of three in the country. | Staff photo

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The Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center’s 37-acre complex serves more than 500 athletes and coaches in more than a dozen sports.

In addition, the national headquarters of two sports, USA Swimming and USA Shooting, are housed at the center. More than a dozen other organizations connected with Olympic sports, including the U.S. Olympic Committee headquarters, are located in Colorado Springs. An Olympic Museum is also planned for Colorado Springs.

The Colorado Springs training center, built on the site of a former Air Force base, is one of three such centers operated by the USOC. The others are in Lake Placid, N.Y., with four resident sports, and a site that is a joint venture with the city of Chula Vista, Calif., where eight Olympic sports train. Eighteen training sites are located elsewhere in the United States.

Sports represented at the Colorado Springs center include boxing, Olympic and Paralympic cycling, skating, men’s gymnastics, Paralympic judo, pentathlon, Olympic and Paralympic shooting, Paralympic swimming, wrestling, taekwondo, boxing and triathlon.

The center’s elevation, more than 6,000 feet above sea level, allows athletes to get high-altitude training that scientists believe can help them gain a competitive edge. Among its facilities are gyms and weight rooms, an Olympic swimming pool, indoor shooting facilities and a visitors’ center.

Athletes can live and train full-time or part-time. They receive all manner of assistance in their sports, including state-of-the-art monitoring, sports medicine equipment and facilities, and a cafeteria tailored to their nutritional needs with detailed descriptions of each dish from calories to nutrients.

Guided tours are available. A wraparound screen in an interactive rotunda shows a panoramic view of many athletes and their feats, and another film on the Olympics is included with the walking tour of training facilities. The tour and film take about an hour, and a fee is charged.


U.S. Olympic Training Center
1 Olympic Plaza
1750 E. Boulder St.
Colorado Springs CO 80909
(719) 866-4618
Map with directions to the center