Flagstaff Road

Boulder from Flagstaff Mountain
Downtown Boulder is seen at twilight in this shot taken from Flagstaff Mountain. | Photo by Jesse Varner

Staff writer

Head west from Boulder and up Flagstaff Mountain on the 3.7-mile Flagstaff Road for magnificent views of the Boulder Valley.

The twisty, two-lane reveals timbered mountainside, foothills, the entirety of Boulder and plains stretching to the horizon. Pullouts provide a chance to enjoy the views without risking a tumble down the mountainside.

Hikers enjoy the many trails that twine along the sides of Flagstaff Mountain, and hardy bicyclists tackle the steep grades of the roadway. Rock climbers find many irresistible rock faces, as well.

Near the top of the mountain is the lovely Sunrise Amphitheater, a lasting gift from the Civilian Conservation Corps of the Great Depression; the amphitheater is the setting for a dawn Easter service each year and many marriages have been launched there.

Nearby is the upscale Flagstaff House restaurant, the only private structure above the city’s Blue Line.

Flagstaff Road is reached by heading west on Baseline Road past the Chautauqua Park. Baseline Road then turns into Flagstaff Road as it begins to climb out of the valley.

Flagstaff Road
Boulder, CO 80302
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