Greeley Independence Stampede

Greeley Independence Stampede
Miss Rodeo Colorado opens the Greeley Independence Stampede. | Photo by Dave Clark / flickr

Staff writer

The Greeley Independence Stampede is a fair and rodeo that starts in late June and reaches its finale on the Fourth of July.

Its mission: “To celebrate our nation’s independence and preserve our Western heritage.”

Started to honor the area’s potato farmers, the stampede has since grown into a festival attracting over 250,000 people a year.

The Stampede Arena, an outdoor facility built in a horseshoe shape, holds 8,500 for rodeo and more than 16,000 for concerts. Originally called the Greeley Spud Rodeo in 1922, the event featured bucking bronc riding, fancy roping, a pie eating contest, a horse race, motorcycle and bicycle races and a two-mile Model-T Ford race.

Later the name was changed to the “Go West With Greeley” Rodeo, which brought it national recognition.

In 1972, it changed again to the Greeley Independence Stampede, with professional and kids’ rodeos, a televised Fourth of July parade, a demolition derby, country and rock concerts and a carnival midway.

Greeley Independence Stampede
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