History Colorado Center

History Colorado Center
The History Colorado Center opened in downtown Denver in April. | Artist’s rendering from History Colorado

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Want to see a map of Colorado as it would look from 400 miles up in space? Or learn more about Shep the Tollbooth Dog, Mesa Verde or even South Park’s Eric Cartman? The History Colorado Center, opened in 2012, can show you all that and more.

Intriguingly, the atrium of the four-story Anschutz-Hamilton Hall features the huge topographical map of Colorado inlaid in its floor. Laid out in detail with concrete tiles, the 40-by-60-foot terrazzo map by artist Steven Weitzman shows all aspects of the state – and you can walk on it.

Also sharing the space is an amazing 7-foot Time Machine that can be moved around and will light up when it hits a “hot spot” on the map, telling a story of that spot’s history and significance in Colorado. More than two dozen stories of the hot spots, including several mentioned above, combine music with film and still images.

In addition, Destination Colorado takes visitors back to 1918 in the village of Keota, on Colorado’s high plains. Now a ghost town, Keota was home to hundreds of people who homestead, farmed and worked on the railroad that passed through. Guides introduce visitors to the life they led, including shopping by catalog and at the general store, riding in a Model T, milking a cow and collecting eggs from the chickens. Living West focuses on the dynamics between Coloradans and the environment they live in.


History Colorado Center
1200 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203
303-HISTORY (303-447-8679)
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