Indian Hot Springs

Staff writer

The bubbling wonder of the Indian Hot Springs along Soda Creek drew Ute and Indian tribes for centuries before gold mining brought a flood of miners from the east.

George Jackson, who first discovered placer gold in the Rocky Mountains stumbled onto a rich lode, drawn by a mysterious haze rising into the clear air. Soon, the miners who followed Jackson’s find were enjoying the hot waters after a hard day’s mining.

In 1863, a doctor, E.M. Cummings, bought the site of the spring and billed it to tourists as a healing spot. Among those drawn were Frank and Jesse James, Sarah Berhnardt and Walt Whitman.

In more recent times, the visitor’s book has recorded John Denver, Clint Eastwood, Bo Diddley and Leon Russell.

Caves, one for men and one for women, were dug in the early years of the century. Huge walk-in tubs steam with naturally heated mineral water at 104 to 112 degrees. An above-ground swimming pool is enclosed in a huge greenhouse filled with tropical plants. Then there’s Club Mud, where visitors smear their faces and bodies with mineral-rich clay.

Indian Hot Springs
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