Manitou Springs

Barker House in Manitou Springs
The Barker House was originally built in 1872 but was regularly expanded, reaching 110 rooms as a resort hotel by 1890. Today, it houses senior citizens. | Photo by Wally Gobetz / flickr

Staff writer

The mineral springs at Manitou Springs, named by Native Americans for the great spirit Manitou, helped give Colorado Springs its name.

The springs also brought to the area many people who suffered from consumption, hoping for a cure. They were urged to drink the waters and many patients did recover.

It was later discovered that they weren’t cured by the water but by the dry mountain air – but no matter, they recovered and many stayed on.

The town of Manitou Springs is built on the steep hillsides of Pikes Peak, with shops, restaurants, cafes and art galleries making it a popular tourist destination.

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb road race begins nearby in July, and visitors can easily access the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

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