Museum of Colorado Prisons

Colorado Museum of Prisons in Cañon City
Get an up-close look at the inside of a prison at the Colorado Museum of Prisons. | Photo by Jessica Feis

Staff writer

The Museum of Colorado Prisons is aptly located in the 1935 building in Cañon City that housed the original Women’s Correctional Facility.

Its 32 cells contain exhibits and artifacts including a hangman’s noose used in Colorado’s last execution by hanging, weapons and contraband confiscated from inmates, the state’s last gas chamber, photographs depicting life in prison facilities, and items used in disciplining inmates. Even inmates’ arts and crafts are displayed.

The museum intends to be a regional resource center preserving and protecting the history of the Colorado prison system. “Through education, we gain awareness of present and future problems involving populations of our prisons,” its website says.

Museum of Colorado Prisons
201 N. 1st St.
Cañon City, CO 81212
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(719) 269-3015