New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins
The New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins offers tours and tastings. | Photo by regeneration / flickr

Staff writer

The New Belgium Brewing Co. is part of the Fort Collins beer culture.

It dates back to a trip that founder Jeff Lebesch made through Europe in 1989 on his mountain bike with “fat tires.” Lebesch brewed the first Fat Tire beer in his basement and took it commercial in 1991.

His wife, Kim Jordan, became New Belgium’s first bottler, sales rep, distributor, marketer and financial planner. Now, she is the company’s CEO. A neighbor did the artwork for the colorful labels.

New Belgium is employee-owned and gives employees cruiser bikes on their one-year anniversary. along with a share of the ownership.

The company says it is the first wind-powered brewery in the United States, accomplished by a vote of the employee owners in 1998.

Tours are available.

New Belgium Brewing Co.
500 Linden St.
Fort Collins CO
(970) 221-0524