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Hotel de Paris in Georgetown

Georgetown and Silver Plume history

Staff writer Georgetown Crowded out of the quest for gold at Idaho Springs, prospectors continued up the canyon, where they found little gold but plenty of silver. Two mining communities – Elizabethtown and Georgetown – grew up as neighbors. In 1868, residents of the two communities agreed to unite into one town named Georgetown. Like many mountain towns, Georgetown’s growth was greatly helped when a railroad line connected the town…

Telluride Film Festival

Telluride Film Festival

By John Leach The Telluride Film Festival was created by local residents in 1974 and drew immediate attention by honoring not only director Francis Ford Coppola and actress Gloria Swanson but also the Nazi documentary filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl. The Telluride festival has continued to draw top Hollywood movies and stars, as well as hard-core film fans, thanks to a Labor Day weekend schedule that falls conveniently between the Cannes Film…

Gold ore transported by wagon in Telluride

Telluride history

By John Leach Telluride’s valley was used by the Ute or Nuchu tribe for centuries as a summer camp and a hunting ground for deer, wild turkey and grouse. The nomadic Utes, hunter-gatherers who roamed the Western Slope starting around 1000 A.D., would head to valleys at lower elevations with milder weather for the winter. Spanish explorers in the Dominguez-Escalante Expedition passed by Telluride in 1776 and named many of…